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Benchmark Ranger

The most agile cell tower

Benchmark Ranger is the newest innovation by Benchmark Telecom and unique on the market. It’s developed to temporarily bring optimal coverage to certain areas where there’s an urgent need of mobile telephony, Wi-Fi, data and trunking. Think of music festivals, big events or - more unfortunate - disasters where there is a need to quickly deploy a reliable network.

The Benchmark Ranger was designed as a compact and lightweight alternative to our container solution. Making it easier to transport and to install. It perfectly suits any operator’s system and is up and running in only 15 minutes. On top, it works independently for 5 days thanks to an integrated generator.

  • Easy to transport and to install (1,25 x 1,25 x 2,50 m)
  • 5 days autonomy thanks to built-in generator
  • Connectable to the power grid as well
  • Fully integrated in any operator’s network
  • Only 1 person needed to install
  • Operational in 15 minutes
  • Antenna reaching 7,5 m
  • Deployable on almost every location
  • Compact footprint
  • Modular concept 

Please contact us for detailed rental information on the Benchmark Ranger.

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