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The best mobile network is just one phone call away

What you do yourself, you do better. That’s exactly the mission of Benchmark Telecom. Giving you the best wireless and mobile phone network solutions by keeping communication chains the shortest possible. Because when you have all the knowhow between your four walls, you act quicker, sharper and smarter.

Benchmark Telecom offers turnkey solutions for all operators. From the acquisition of new cell towers to the upgrade of existing towers. And everything somewhere in between.

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Benchmark Ranger

Operational in 15 minutes
Operational in 15 minutes!

Ranger was developed to temporarily provide optimal coverage in certain areas for services such as mobile telephony, data, Wi-Fi and trunking. It can also be used on locations that require security cameras, lighting, etc. Ranger is the newest Benchmark Telecom innovation and unique on the market.

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